Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sam's Reflections of Ecology Conservation

On this trip I in all honesty didn't think it would be as fun as it turned out to be. I was expecting long lectures on why restoration is important and us working and not really enjoying it. I was very wrong. I had a lot of fun and learned somethings I didn't know before. I learned that badgers actually left the Illinois area because of the lack of their natural habitat, I had always thought they never even left. I also learned what trees are natural to our area. I think restoration is worthwhile. Without it there are so many plants and animals that could eventually die out. If their natural habitat is no longer there they no longer have shelter which can make them easier kill to their predators. Also forest would be run by foreign plants that could be taking the nutrients the native plants need to survive. Put into people terms would you rather have people who are not citizens taking your chance to earn money when you are a citizen and can't care for your family? Benefits would be that people get to see what the land was like when it first came around. It also makes the native plants feel better because they aren't fighting for nutrients to plants that weren't there natively. The only down side I see to restoration is that you have to kill a tree to save a tree.

Buckthorn  that was cut down

A burn pile that was made

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